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At Blupath we merge the Physical and Digital worlds together to provide powerful solutions that help you communicate with your audience.

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Restaurants and cafeterias

Our restaurant and cafeteria solutions make your establishment more attractive by creatively engaging with your customers as they approach your premises, while they are within, and after they have left.

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Our solutions for supermarkets and food delivery businesses let you engage with your customers on a personalized level while they are in your premises or in their homes.

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For museums and galleries

Our guide system allows museums and galleries to engage their visitors with rich and dynamic content in an immediately accessible manner, without the need to use expensive hardware and other costly device.

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Where the Physical and Digital worlds collide!

No website or mobile app will ever be as visible and immediate as the objects of the world around us. At Blupath, we merge the Digital and Physical worlds together. Any item and location can become a personalized, dynamic portal between you and your audience.

The Physical Web


How we work

Your business cards. The rooms in your building. Your products. The sign outside your door. When merging the Physical and Digital worlds together, items and locations transcend their physical dimensions, and become dynamic, personalized, and flexible communication portals.

At Blupath we’re building the world’s most powerful, omni-channel Physical Web platform. Our solutions combine a range of different connectivity technologies, while making every line of communication personalized and providing deep analytics about how customers interact with you.

We provide industry specific solutions that we can help you implement and support immediately. Or we can work with you directly or through one of our trusted technology implementation partners in any custom project you may need specified to your requirements.

We provide specific solutions for a range of industries to help you connect and engage with your intended audience more effectively. Visit our industry specific pages for more information on what we can do for you.

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