After months of hard work and preparation, a lot of great things are starting to happen with Peakkin:

First of all, we now have a blog!

Not only do we have a blog, we are also ready to have the first post in our blog!

And rather more importantly, we have some important development to report in this first post. The first version of our Peakkin app is now out for iOS devices, and you can now go download it from the link here.

If you’ve just randomly ended up on this page without know much about our work, you may be wondering, what is Peakkin anyway? Peakkin is a simple application, with some grand ambitions: in summary, it’s an app that allows you to ‘broadcast’ any kind of message in a short range around you (about a 100m average) using either your phone or independent beacon devices, while monitoring for the broadcasts of other nearby users 24/7, and allowing you to respond back and have conversations with those users.

Peakkin is ‘not’ a short-range ‘messaging’ app. It is a tool both to broadcast potentially ‘any’ content around you, but also a 24/7 discovery tool that allows you to constantly monitor and scan for nearby message broadcasts that match your interests as you move around your typical day. This monitoring can take place even when the app is not running, with a notification popping up on your device when in range of a broadcast that matches your criteria. All this works using a technology called ‘Low Energy Bluetooth’, which is why you are able to set up such broadcasts to come not just from your phone, but also from independent beacons that you can potentially place in any location.

It’s true that our prototype is still very rough around the edges, and the vast majority of our planned functionality is still not ready. But Peakkin is quite simply, revolutionary, being the only unified platform for proximity based communication. That sounds full of jargon admittedly: what we mean is, with Peakkin you can download just one app on your phone to both broadcast, as well as monitor for, potentially ‘any’ content.

Maybe you’re a department store, and you want to use beacons to broadcast out information about your fashion-ware to people working through your shopfloor. Maybe you want to set up an easy way to chat with all the people around you at the football match. Or maybe you’re looking to broadcast out your relationship status as you’re out in the nightclub and looking to meet new people. All this is possible on a single, set-it-up-and-forget app, that will help you set up your broadcasts, discover the other users that match your interests, and then get in touch with them if you want to do so. Peakkin will ‘never’ spam you, because you have full control over the type of broadcasts you want to be monitoring for.

If you’re on an Apple device running iOS 8 or newer, we urge you to go download the app now and give us your feedback. These are still very early days, and we want to evaluate if users understand how the application works, while hearing back about how to improve the interface, and what features you want added. Don’t worry, there’s a huge deal more to come – you would be surprised how powerful Peakkin can, and will, be – and we would love to get your early feedback.