Blupath combines art with technology in the new temporary exhibition of the Zampelas Art Museum, using new indoor connectivity solutions.

Blupath, a specialist provider of ‘Internet of Things’ communication solutions, has created a digital tour for visitors of the new temporary exhibition of the Zampelas Art Museum: ‘The first generation of Cypriot Artists from the Surikov Academy of Fine Arts in Moscow’, using a deployment of its ‘Infopoint’ interactive solution.

The Infopoint system combines a range of connectivity technologies within discrete ‘digital information access points’ which have been installed throughout the gallery. These allow visitors of the exhibition to receive rich digital information about the life and work of each artist directly on their mobile phone, enriching their experience and understanding of the gallery and of the works on display. At the same time, visitors are able to send the completed exhibition catalogue to their personal email address, to further study and enjoy after the end of their visit.

The exhibition was launched on Wednesday the 7th of December, and will run until the 25th of January 2017. The first generation of academy graduates consists of Andreas Charalambous, Christos Foukaras, Mariam Suhanova-Foukara, Hambis Tsangaris, Andreas Makariou, Kyriakos Tamanas, and George Gavriel.

The artists are displaying both recent work, as well as work from their student period (1969 – 1987), showcasing the high level of skill evident in their work since their very earliest steps. Sharing a common set of concerns, as well as a common devotion to artistic creation, they have enriched Cypriot art with their unique voice and signature.

Infopoint is a modern and easy to use system for engaging with the audience of a museum or gallery, which opens new channels of communication between a space and its visitors. The system:

  • Enables the installation of discrete, yet easily identifiable, digital information access points, with which a visitor is able to interact through their mobile phone. These ‘Infopoints’ combine a range of integrated connectivity technologies (RFID, e-bar codes, Dynamic URL, and optionally Bluetooth Eddystone) that allow the communication of rich information directly onto the mobile phone of a visitor.
  • Enables the installation of larger digital ‘kiosks’ in a space with which a visitor can browse through information directly, without the need to use their mobile phone.

Using the Infopoint system, the Loukia and Michalakis Zampelas Art Museum joins the list of technology pioneers that have been connected with the ‘Physical Web’, merging their digital and physical worlds together.

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