Blupath LTD a specalist provider of technology solutions in the culture and tourism industry in Cyprus, and the Historical Labor Museum of the Pancyprian Federation of Labour have just completed the deployment of a digital guidance system within the premises of the Historical Labor Museum.

The project undertaken aimed to provide a solution that would allow visitors to the museum to gain access to rich audio-visual information about the exhibts on display using low cost and low maintenance technologies. This would both enrich the museum going experience, as well as make the museum accessible during hours where no staff would be available for a guided tour.

The project was divided into 3 main pillars:

  • Preparation of creative content: This entailed the preparation of the text, imagery, and audio narration regarding the exhibits on display within the museum, and which would form the core of the content that would be presented to visitors.
  • Software development: The development and deployment of a web-based digital guide through which all creative content would be presented in a structured form.
  • Hardware deployment: The provision of the necessary hardware and systems with which visitors would be able to have access to this guide while on the premises of the Museum.

Peo museum mockup screenshots

Blupath was responsible for all 3 stages of the project.

On the creative side, the company was responsible for text translations, image processing, and audio recording and preparation. On the software development side, and following the individual requirements of the museum, the company proceeded with an installation of its Blupath platform on the museums own servers, through which it proceeded to develop a web hosted digital guide, managed through an administration panel allowing the museum curator to control and edit the contents of the guide at any point.

Finally, on the hardware deployment side, visitors to the museum are presented with 2 options to access the guide. First, through the use of their own phones, using Digital Information Access points (or Infopoints), within the museum. Digital Infopoints are an inexpensive solution developed by Blupath, and deployed next to each museum display; they allow visitors to be directly taken to the relevant guide page with further information about the dipslay in front of them, simply by touching the back of their phone on the Infopoint. As an optional alternative solution, the museum has also opted to give visitors the option of accessing the guide by picking up digital tablets locked to the guide contents from the museum reception.

The system is now live and on display at the PEO Labour Museum, and available for any visitor to use during the museum’s working hours. For more information on the Historical Labor Museum of the Pancyprian Federation of Labor, please visit the museum website here.