BL Blupath Ltd is announcing the start of a new 13-month software development project aiming to upgrade and reintrodyce to the market its current ‘Infopoint’ platform for museums and cultural institutions.

The infopoint platform allows institutions of any size to utilize bluetooth beacons and other connectivity technologies to direct visitors to their space to rich, multimedia content about the items and landmarks on display, directly on their own mobile phone. The Infopoint platform can be used in both indoor and outdoor locations, and is designed to be an elegant, inexpensive replacement to existing audio guides solutions. Rather than purchasing, maintaining, and managing separate hardware audio guides, the Infopoint platform allows institutions to use the mobile phones of their own visitors as the playback device that feeds them with content about the points of interest around them.

The ‘Blupath CulturePoint Redevelopment project’, supported by the Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation under the Restart 2020 programs cofounded by the Republic of Cyprus and the European Strctural Funds, is aiming to substantially improve on the current solution, developing it onto a holistic, omni-channel, communication, visitor engagement, and collaboration platform for the wider cultural and tourism space. It will be aimed towards locations such as museums and galleries, as well as administrators of outdoor tourism attractions such as municipalities and Tourism Boards, with functionality divided into 3 core pillars:

1) Better management of an institution’s data and media
2) Communication and engagement capabilities and
3) cross-institutional collaboration capabilities.

In summary, the updtated version of the software application developed will aim towards smaller cultural heritage institutions, as well as institutions responsible for the management and promotion of the tourism landscapes and product of a region, and allows them to:

– Internally manage their media and records of information about cultural heritage items and locations under their care.
– Manage and power multiple channels of communication, both with a wider audience, as well as specifically with in-premises visitors to a landmark or an institution.
– Share data and information amongst members of different institutions by allowing for the formation of collaborative teams.

The project is supported by the Nicosia Tourism Board, the Byzantine Museum, and the Makarios III Art Gallery. Through the duration of the project, all 3 institutions will utilize the improved platform under development to store and manage records of information about points of interest under their care, and to power deployments of information kiosks, information points, and indoor tablet kiosks, as channels by which to communicate with tourisms and visitors to the locations and landmarks under their care.

For more information, contact BL Blupath Ltd at or at ++357 99 010483.