Blupath the specialist, omni-channel, proximity and physical web solutions provider, has just completed a deployment of its Infopoint system in a chain of BitCoin ATMs operated by Slovenian company Bitnik in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

 Bitnik is the leading Slovenian Bitcoin company, successfully operating bitcoin ATMs since 2014. Bitnik is a bitcoin expert that can also advise and arrange bitcoin business and accounting, or perform large scale bitcoin purchases. Bitnik ATM’s machines around Slovenia allow individuals to interact with them using a digital wallet app installed on their phones, and either deposit cash that is then converted to digital bitcoins in their wallet, or convert bitcoins into cash that can be withdrawn from the machine.

 Bitnik partnered with Blupath to use the Infopoint system as the simple and effective means of communicating with individuals who may be seeing or interacting with a bitcoin ATM for the very first time. Blupath Infopoint have been attached to the Bitnik ATMs allowing individuals to interact with them in order to receive clear instructions on their phone about how to use the Bitnik system, or install the Bitnik digital wallet app on their phone.

 Blupath’s Infopoint solution connects the digital and physical worlds together, allowing individuals to receive dynamic, rich, and controlled information, by simply interacting with physical objects around them, or coming into proximity with specific points in a location. Infopoints, managed by Blupath’s own software platform can be attached to any position, and combine a range of embedded connectivity technologies that enable multiple channels through which an individual can interact and receive information from an object or location.

Blupath provides omni-channel, proximity based communication solutions, that allow businesses and organizations to engage with their audience based on their proximity to indoor and outdoor locations. Find out more about Blupath at: – find out more about Bitnik at: