The Blupath platform

A content management system to control communication with visitors within an indoor or outdoor location.

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The Blupath Content Management Platform

The Blupath platform is a web based content management system for Physical-Web visitors engagement.

Physical-Web, or location based communciation, refers to the ability to communicate with individuals based on their position within an indoor or outdoor location. There are many technologies and approaches to achieve this, from digital kiosks deployed in a location, to the use of Bluetooth beacons, or RFID touch points.

Blupath is an omni-channel system designed for the needs of the cultural, tourism, and outdoors market, that allows you to control what, and how, you want to communicate, using a flexible combination of technologies and tools. Our platform allows you to build dynamic and engaging communications portals in the location you manage, based on your particular needs and budget.

Core design principles and features:

Effective communications allows you to maintain a consistent and measurable communication strategy through multiple communications channels. We strongly believe that this cannot be achieved by forcing organisations and businesses to use multiple, isolated platforms for each communication channel, each functional within only a limited niche.

We designed Blupath to be technology agnostic, and to integrate with both new as well as existing communications channels. What this means is that Blupath is ‘not’ a Bluetooth beacon management platform, or a Wifi management platform, or an NFC marketing platform, but a platform that allows you to utilize and control all of these multiple technologies and tools with which you can communicate through a physical location or product, while also allowing you to easily integrate your Blupath content in other traditional channels such as social media, SMS, or email.

We recognize that different tools and technologies all have different advantages and disadvantages. It is only by being able to utilize multiple tools and multiple capabilities together, in a synchronized and organised fashion, and chosen each time according to the specific needs of the business, that technology can be used effectively. With Blupath we aim to minimize the number of platforms you and your staff need to learn, and maintain a flexible architecture that allows us to easily integrate new tools and technologies in the future.

The needs and challenges faced by a restaurant are going to be wildly different than those of a museum or cultural institution. We recognize that one size does not fit all, and that we can only generate true business value by focusing on the specific needs that each specific industry has to overcome.

We’ve build the Blupath platform as our core management system for managing Physical Web connectivity, but kept it highly modular, building a series of custom services and capabilities on top of it as functionality hubs dedicated to the needs of the specific industry segments we are targeting.

When you work with us, you are not merely getting access to the Blupath platform, but to specific solutions designed to cover specific needs, combining our own unique products and modules with the core platform, as well as with our support and know-how to make your deployment a success.

The problem with many emerging technologies, is that often times a large part of your intended audience can be left out. How often has a platform or technology promised something amazing, but ‘only for people who have downloaded this specific application’, or ‘only for people who use this specific hardware’?

Part of the reason behind utilizing an omni-channel approach, is that by powering solutions, and building communication portals in products and locations, that utilize a number of connectivity technologies, both at the cutting edge as well as traditional, we are maximizing the potential audience that you can reach through the platform.

If for example, you want to build location based experiences and interactivity within your space, you don’t have to choose between working with your Wifi to do this, or Bluetooth beacons, or NFC, or traditional QR codes, or fixed information kiosks. You can instead use a synchronized combination of all them, through a platform that simplifies this process in order to make sure that as many individuals are within your reach as possible, while simplifying the user journey that they have to undergo to receive your content.

Engagement to us, means having a conversation. And in the modern digital age, it is not enough simply to tell, and throw out messages to our audience down a one-way information stream. We also need to hear, and build relationships with our audience.

When communicating through tools powered by our Blupath platform, we make sure to give you options through which customers can respond back to you, building conversations and improving your understanding of your audience.

Any communication approach can only be successful if its effectiveness can be measured and analysed, and the responsiveness of our intended audience to it can be understood and acted upon.

Every interaction with a customer that is performed through the Blupath platform or any the solutions supported by it is recorded in real time, and detailed information about it reported back to you as an administrator. The platform can provide detailed information and data about responsiveness through time, geographic locations, and through each individual point in space, or Physical-Web connected item you may be utilizing. Our goal is to give you all the information you need to be able to make successful, effective decisions about your business.

The content you communicate out of the Blupath platform can be as flexible as you want it to be. You can use our own simple template-based system, work with us to generate custom content-types and templates, or develop and import your own HTML content that follows your own precise design instructions, and connects with your own external systems. Blupath can be used to communicate anything, from simple text content, to complex functionality backed by your own web-hosted applications and databases.