Blupath, the specialist location based and Physical Web solutions provider, has helped connect the world of high end designer jewellery with the digital world, following the completion of its partnership with the award-winning Dutch designer Cat Priem. Cat Priem is the winner of the Netherlands Fashion Awards Milano 2016, which Blupath supported as one of the event co-sponsors. As part of this recently completed partnership, Blupath designed and delivered a ‘Smart Label’ solution that connected each piece of jewellery to the cloud, and served as a bridge between the designer and the customer. 

Each Smart Label was a small, inexpensive, attractive, and custom designed ‘card’, containing a range of embedded connectivity technologies, and attached to each jewellery package to make it interactive. Any consumer purchasing a Cat Priem product was able to interact with the package using their mobile phone, to be directed to a storytelling page outlining the vision of the designer for the particular collection.

Blupath Smart Labels are an Physical Web solution, that connect the actual products and other physical items around us to the cloud, turning them into dynamic and interactive communication portals that connect the customer with the business, without the use of an intermediary app. Blupath uses an omni-channel approach of embedding multiple connectivity technologies into a label, that ensure that there’s always a communication channel available to any customer, regardless of the type of phone they are using.