Technology touchscreen in museums

Brooklyn museum:

Many of the exhibitions on display at the Brooklyn museum involve substantial additional research on the subject on which the exhibition focuses, which the museum would like to make available as widely as possible. In the 2010 exhibition, Seductive Subversion, the focus was the impact of women artists on the male dominated field of pop Art. The museum wanted to keep the gallery simple, with the art standing out, and without additional text on display harming its aesthetics, while at the same time making available to the public the large amount of additional research that was done on the subject. To make the research available to as many people as possible, the museum chose to insert all material into Wikipedia, it being after all the go-to reference point for most information for the public in the modern world we live in. To then showcase this information in the most unobtrusive way possible, the museum installed iPads in display shelves in the gallery, as well as in the public lounge area, that pulled the information from Wikipedia, and displayed them in a more viewer friendly presentation to gallery visitors.