We are a young, passionate company, building technology and providing solutions for the culture, tourism, and outdoor markets.

Working with us

Blupath Ltd is a young and energetic company, currently operating out of Slovenia and Cyprus. Our mission is to provide complete solutions and services to the cultural, tourism, and outdoor markets, We want to work at the cutting edge boundaries of technology, translating it to accessible solutions that can bring otherwise inaccessible technologies and capabilities to the hands of administrators of institutions of whatever size and budget. And we want to support the complete implementation of an effective communication and engagement strategy by supporting institutions with all the creative services they may need, both in a digital, or traditional form.

You can access Blupath tools as a do-it-yourself service, but can also ask contact us to work together on a custom deployment project within your premises. We are also making our platform and solutions available for other interested implementation partners and service providers interested in managing innovative new projects for their  clients. Get in touch today if you would like to work with us.

How can I have look at your platform?

Although we do not yet advise using the Blupath platform as a fully do-it-yourself service, you can sign up through our registration page. The Blupath platform is rapidly evolving, with new changes and updates on a near weekly basis. If you are interested in a deployment within your  premises, we recommend you contact us directly so that we can provide a full service of support, training, and in-premises deployment, as well as to enable the custom modules on your account that are required for some of the more powerful capabilities of the platform.

Can you help me implement this in my institution?

Of course. You can contact us to discuss your needs, plan a project with you, enable the necessary custom modules on your Blupath account, and provide you with any needed physical devices and deployment support. If you get in touch with us, we can discuss with you the needs of your business, give you a proposal about how Blupath can help you, support you in the actual implementation, or evaluate any potential needs for additional custom development to cover your needs.

Depending on your location and the status and size of your organisation, we may also be able to support you with securing financing from relevant grants or private organisations, designed to support the digital expansion of cultural and tourism institutions.


Can I use the capabilities of Blupath in a project for a client?

We are making Blupath available as a tool for interested implementation partners. Our normal terms and conditions stipulate that you can only use the platform for the purposes of your own organisation, and not on behalf of a third-party client, so you will need to contact us in order to discuss and provide you with a custom license that allows us to form any potential partnership and channel agreement. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss such an arrangement.

Do you want to become an implementation partner?

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